Murder and Zucchini, Part 2

41VRyageRJLA little more than two years ago, I published a not-very-serious piece about zucchinis in murder mysteries.  You can find it here.  In it, I talked about an obscure mystery by John Rhode called Vegetable Duck in which a maid/cook scrapes out the inside of a zucchini and replaces it with minced mutton, parsley, onion, herbs, and a little dripping, a wartime recipe known as vegetable duck. Sounds tasty, actually!! Right up until it ends up being poisonous to the poor victim.

VegDuckWell, in that post, I suggested that I wasn’t aware of any specialized tool with which to do that job and, gentle reader, now I am. The illustration nearby is of a zucchini corer that you can currently acquire on Amazon for a fairly reasonable price.

I’m still interested in the rare occurrences of natural poisoning by cucurbitacin, a toxin that naturally occurs in zucchini … but I may just have to get myself a zucchini corer and try a recipe.  If you’re interested in a serious look at this book, by the way, my friend John Norris at his blog Pretty Sinister Books did the definitive review in 2012.  Hope they bring this back into print some day!!


12 thoughts on “Murder and Zucchini, Part 2

  1. […] July 26, 2018:  I almost never return to add bits to a previous post, but I thought my readers would be interested to know that there IS such a thing as a zucchini corer, you can buy it on Amazon, and I wrote about it here. […]

  2. While we are being fruity anf flippant, if they are not being referred to as courgettes and the Italian is used, then we should show some respect and spell them “zucchine” for the plural and “zucchina” for the singular. Phew, that feels better. As you were, vegetable pedantry over 😉

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