Vintage Scavenger Hunt for 2016

Vintage Scavenger HuntMy friend and fellow mystery blogger — and challenge addict LOL — Bev Hankins of the excellent My Reader’s Block blog has issued another challenge to her readers. She’s created a list of scavenger hunt items and we’re going to go looking for these items on the covers of mysteries that we read. I’m going to confine myself to Golden Age books but there’s also a Silver Age sheet with different dates but the same list.

I think this is a fun idea and I’m going to do it. In 2013 I did another challenge of hers and found that it forced me to step outside my comfort zone looking for books to meet the criteria … so I recommend it to my own readers for that reason.  The list of items is below and I can hardly wait until January 1 to get started!  If you’d care to join up, check out the boundaries of the challenge at Bev’s blog here, and sign up before the new year.

Vintage Golden Scavenger 2016